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From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Thu Mar 8 06:17:17 2001

R. D. Davis skrev:

>On Wed, 7 Mar 2001, Richard Erlacher wrote:
>> It's not Microsoft ... nor is it any other software house ... it's
>> the dummies who prefer the glitz and glamour, taking appearance over

>As someone else here stated, perhaps people who lack the intellect to
>be able use some random flavor of UNIX, VMS, etc. shouldn't be using
>computers. That said, I believe that most computers users are not
>incapable of using *NIX, etc.; they're not lacking intellegence,
>they're just naieve when it comes to computers, and they would
>probably like *NIX, etc. once they began using it.

I use *NIX and I hate it. I find this whole Linux on a desktop business
laughable. Why would one want a UNIX system anywhere but locked up in a
cupboard or on a researcher's workstation?

I'd never drive a lorry to work, nor do I like the M$ Volvo. The Vespa is much
nicer for a single person.

>Blame the U.S. government for fuel economy regulations that killed off
>nice cars, not the U.S. auto manufacturers.

Why is that? Isn't petrol cheap enough in the states?

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