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From: Marvin <>
Date: Thu Mar 8 19:06:13 2001

Well, if anyone wants to pay the shipping and packaging costs and
needs/wants a model 80, I just acquired five of them. I haven't plugged any
of them in yet, but since they came from a travel agency that upgraded their
computers, I would assume they work but they are easy enough to check out. A
superficial look didn't show any damage to the case :).

Chad Fernandez wrote:
> I swapped the metal handle from the "parts machine" 60 to my 80, so now
> my 80 has a metal handle instead of the composite handle it originally
> came with.
> My 80s case was slightly broken, but I fixed it. One of the mounting
> locations for the power supply was broken. I used JB Weld to re-attach
> it.
> Chad Fernandez
> Michigan, USA
> Lawrence Walker wrote:
> >
> > Oops again. I'm embarassed. Never take it for granted that you
> > know your own equipment. After numerous years of banging my
> > knee on my PS/2 8580, Chad's msg. piqued me enough to actually
> > take off the side (and clean it at the same time). Sure enough it is
> > some sort of composite material, altho it must be close to the
> > weight of sheet metal. Ditto for the 8560. And of course the PCjr.
> > Betrayed by IBM ;^ ( . And My spare 80 even has a crack in it's
> > side panel to prove it. Treachorous corporations !! Take that. Ouch.
> > The damn handle is indeed steel.
> >
> > larry
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