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Date: Thu Mar 8 19:07:39 2001

On 09-Mar-2001 nemo_at_net.house.cx wrote:
> Oh, and the ducted air channels inside. wheee!

I'm guessing a model 90. Does it have a LCD panel? The
> Any idea what the composite material *is* ?
> While some may consider it sacrelige, I'd love to build up a modern
> PC inside that case, but I'd need to do some case mods first... :/

I've thought of this myself. In fact I grabed a model 80 for just this

Problems :
- MCA slots incompatible w/ PCI/ISA
- Keyboard port won't line up w/ Baby AT mobo
- Nothing will line up on a ATX mobo
- Mounting screws for the mobo
- Probably need to replace PS (more wattage)
- Mounting drives... the case should fit narrow drives (hard disk, floppy)
  but anything wide (Zip, CD-ROM) will have to be mounted sideways.
  CD-ROM better use a caddy :)

If you want a dead sexy case, get a yy-cube

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