Need IBM XT/286 Setup disk

From: Joe <>
Date: Thu Mar 8 23:43:27 2001

At 04:05 PM 3/8/01 -0800, Mike wrote:
>> After I got the XT/286 CMOS setup I tried to read the hard drive but it
>>turns out that the drive is bad. RATS! I was hoping to find software for
>>the STAG EPROM programmers still on it. That's the only reason that I
>What does "bad" mean? If it has something you want on it, maybe swapping
>some parts with another drive might fix it long enough to get the data off.
>That or some other "brute force" technique.

     I considered that but I decided that that was too much trouble.
Actually I'm reconsidering that too. I suppose I might go pull it out of
the trash before the trash people get it in the morning. I don't know
what's wrong with the drive. It's spinning but it reports "Drive not ready"
on every test.

    This hasn't been my week for hard drives. I've spend over two days
trying to figure out why I keep getting errors when I try to Prep (Low
level format and partion) a hard drive in my Z-100. I've tried three drives
incluing a known working one from an XT-286 and they all report "Bad
Sectors on Track 0" and then fail to initialize. The drives pass the media
test so they should be physically OK.

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