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From: Joe <>
Date: Thu Mar 8 23:23:00 2001

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>From: Chad Fernandez <>
>>They probably don't use disks. I know that older jets, like the F4
>>Phantom... not sure about newer ones, used core memory.
>The A6 intruders during the Veitnam era were serial based on
>a fixed disk. It was part of the nav and targeting system and
>not fly by wire.

    I recently had a memory unit for an EA-6. It used core memory. It was
SN 001 and the ICs dated from 1966 if I remember right. Of course, there
was probably more than memory in the EA-6. I sold the unit but I can dig
out the description and pictures if anyone's interested.

   I've got a Lantirn targeting computer right now but I haven't opened it
up yet to see what's inside. I've also got a largeish aircraft navigation
computer but I don't know what it came out of and I haven't opened it up
yet either.

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