Us vs. Museums

From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Fri Mar 9 00:29:35 2001

> > That sounds very much like an individual seeking out
> > autographs in person from celebrities. I don't sense
> > anything particularly educational about that type of
> > experience with computers.

> Wow, I guess I'm just way to shallow for this list. I
> apologize for wanting to engage in uneducational
> activities. Alert to Sellam: No exhibit floor at next
> year's VCF, it merely appeals to our basest instincts.

Yeah, I agree. What could be possibly educational about seeing an Eastern
Bloc computer, or the Lorraine prototype, or just about every Atari ever
made? Not to mention the Tomy Tutor, whose exhibitor should be shot for
such a useless exhibit that fails to enhance people's awareness of classic
computers. Pure intellectual drivel with no redeeming interest value and it
should be stopped immediately.

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