Us vs. Museums

From: Wayne M. Smith <>
Date: Thu Mar 8 23:39:38 2001

> On 2001-03-06 said:
> >>What would you suggest is the foremost reason
> >>"seeing" them?
> >Well in my case, I find them pleasing to look at.
> >like seeing, and being able to touch, systems
that I
> >have heard about or know about, butI do not own.
> That sounds very much like an individual seeking out
> autographs in person from celebrities. I don't sense
> anything particularly educational about that type of
> experience with computers.
Wow, I guess I'm just way to shallow for this list. I
apologize for wanting to engage in uneducational
activities. Alert to Sellam: No exhibit floor at next
year's VCF, it merely appeals to our basest instincts.
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