New find, Symbolics XL400, Help!

From: Jim Davis <>
Date: Fri Mar 9 02:52:17 2001

A quick run over to wacky willys ( aloha ) at lunch today made me the owner of a
Symbolics XL400, 780 Mb maxtor, tape and univision 1024X768X24 frame buffer
with a mono console and keyboard. No mouse or cables. retired by intel in 97.
After checking it out, I applied power. Voltages seem ok, but I noticed that
the fans are not turning. I noticed a temp sensor on the forward power supply,
so I assume that the fans will come up with tempeture.
Anyway, my problem is the lack of cabling from the box to the console monitor.
Does anyone have any pinouts, specs or schematics on this thing so I could
some cables? When I powered it up, the fault light clears on the back and I
hear a small amount a disk activity. pressing the ???reset/boot??? button on the
front panel illuminates the light, small disk activity then the light goes out.
Can this thing be booted from a serial console, or is KVM required to boot.
Anybody in the Portland area playing with these things?
Jim Davis.
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