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From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Fri Mar 9 06:43:48 2001

Julian Richardson skrev:

> > What have MS ever done to make computers easier? Mimic Apple et

>When you put it like that, yes, I suppose. They just have better marketing
>tactics (note I'm not saying I *like* those tactics!)

That isn't making computers easier, that's doing whatever Apple does. It's
like saying that Mitsubishi have made cars safer simply because they have
learned some tricks from Volvo. Copycats don't deserve credit for what they

> >Following a general trend has never been my definition of actively
>working or
> >contributing towards a goal.

>Ahh, it's an embraced and extended following though ;-)

In what way?

>Thing is, for the average person who is new to computers (and maybe a little
>wary of them) and doesn't want to actually learn anything about the tools
>they're using, give them a bad system - like Windows - and a good one, like
>Linux say, and they're going to get along easier with the windows box and
>achieve their goal (whatever it may be) sooner. They won't necessarily have
>the best solution (likely won't in fact) but they will have something that
>satisfies them to the extent of their knowledge - which for most people is
>good enough it seems.

Linux isn't a good system, particularly not for the unexperienced user.

>Microsoft didn't have the vision or the initiative, no, but sadly they're
>the company who is dominant in the current market. I really do hope that
>changes (not least because I really don't get along with the idea of one
>faceless entity controlling everything - don't even get me started on the UK
>and Europe! :-P

What about the UK and Europe? Is it something about Acorn computers?

And why is everyone so afraid of giving the newbie a Mac?

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