OT: HP Pavillion PC CDROM drive

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Date: Fri Mar 9 11:44:19 2001

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> Subject: OT: HP Pavillion PC CDROM drive
> Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2001 08:12:15 -0700
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> I snagged a more or less complete HP Pavillion 7270 (about a 4-year-old machine)
> at the local thrift store yesterday and find the CDROM has an annoying habit of
> opening whenever I try to close it. It's a fairly standard Mitsumi (?) CDROM,
> but has a special curved front on the drawer made to fit the case.

>From my years of repairing all types of cdrom drives, I can say that
mitsumi drives are always one of a kind parts-wise even on same
speeds. And they aren't known for reliablity. Toss that drive and
pop your favorite cdrom in there. I know that will mess up the looks
but this is only option.

But nice score if the cost is dirt-cheap and complete especially w/
cds for that HP machine. Some of them has Asus-made motherboard for
HP machines.


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