RFC: ROM dump archive

From: Pete Turnbull <pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com>
Date: Fri Mar 9 18:17:15 2001

Yes, bad practice to follow-up your own posts, but I should have mentioned
that Craig Dewick keeps an archive of Sun boot ROMs at


which has saved my skin at least once. And on the subject of permissions,
I know that several companies have consented to letting the BBC site
provide images of software that hasn't been available for retail sale or as
official spares for years, and only one or two have ever objected. One of
the Sun sites that holds images had a note saying the owner had never got
permission, but if anyone from Sun objected he'd remove them (a site for
Motorola stuff had a similar notice) but the notice has gone so presumably
no-one ever did.

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