Great new finds for the musuem

From: John R. Keys Jr. <>
Date: Fri Mar 9 18:17:12 2001

The last couple weeks have been a little slim but I got the following

A Mac IIvi (needs work damaged in shipping) been looking for one of
these for a long time.

A Mac Plus with lots of extras donated by a nice older lady. Has a
trackball called Quad LYNX by Honeywell, a pretty odd looking item. A
fan unit called 'cool-it' also odd looking. And several other items,
books, software and mics came with it.

A Mac TAM, I know not 10 years yet but I'm looking for a couple items to
make it a complete unit. Does anyone have a original CD case and TV
Antenna that came with it ? I'm also looking for the original boxes
that the TAM and it's parts came in, this seller had tossed them long

Mac Performa 476 needs some work.

A U.K. Sinclair Microvision battery charger.

A Commodore model 1802 monitor.

Apple IIe joystick.

Several unique mousepads and coffee cups.

Radio Electronics MAR 1986 issue with a really good article on personal
robots and robotics. They compare 20 different robots, all the HERO
models, Maxx Steele, XR, Scorpion, and others. I also picked up 9 other
issues at 25 cents each.

Something called a HEARSAY 100 no other information written on the item.
Anyone know something about it ?.

Lots of Sega 16-Bit cartridges at 60 cents each.

Some IBM AIX 4.3 cd's for $2.80 each.

Hero 2000 disk manual.

 AMDEK Color-I monitor works great.

A digital DECmate model VT278-AH and the rolling ROX02 8" drive unit,
cables and manuals.

I will stop as the list is too long and alot the items do not meet the
10 year rule.

Keep on computing

John Keys
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