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From: ajp166 <>
Date: Sat Mar 10 11:06:59 2001

From: Mark Gregory <>
>I seem to recall Stephen Coonts mentioning the A-6's nav system
computers in
>"Flight of the Intruder". IIRC, there's a passage where the navigator
>the computer, and its mentioned that it uses rotating drum memory. That

Your memory is correct.
Also trying to "reset" it harder to unjam the drum.

>would make sense for early versions of the A-6, since they were designed
>the late 1950's. Because of the A-6's extraordinarily long service life,
>wouldn't surprise me if it hadn't been fitted with every generation of
>computer technology from drums to microchips during its many avionics

At least 3 possibly 4 generations with the "Wild Weasels" EA-6s being in
more recent group with ARM, ECM and high altitude radar tracking

Early aircraft computers (pre 1980 as they generally had a 2-10 year lead
over commercial) would be an area of interest here.


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