Identifying parts on a VT100 logic board

From: Lawrence LeMay <>
Date: Sat Mar 10 14:16:42 2001

> Pete Turnbull wrote:
> >
> > On Mar 10, 12:41, Paul Williams wrote:
> >
> > > There are four socketed chips together, labelled E40, E45, E52 and
> > > E56. Does anyone have the schematics and know what these contain?
> >
> > They're the VT1xx code ROMs. In a VT100, they are contain ROMs with
> > part numbers 23031-E2, 23032-E2, 23033-E2, and (surprise, surprise)
> > 23034-E2. In a VT100-WC, -WK, or -AC, they contain 23095-E2,
> > 23096-E2, 23139-E2, 23140-E2; the -WC and -WK variants also have
> > an extra character ROM, 23094-E2. A VT125 or VT105 should have
> > the same as a plain VT100 except that the 23031-E2 is replaced with
> > a 23061-E2.

And the VT132 has either 23095E2, 23096E2, 29097E2, 29098E2, OR
                         23180E2, 23181E2, 23183E2, 23183E2

Now you have all the information from Table 5-7, from page 5-68 of
the VT100 Series Video Terminal Technical Manual ;)

> Thank you Pete, that was swift and comprehensive! Is this list on the
> web anywhere, or do you just happen to keep schematics to hand?
> Both boards have 23061-E2, 23032-E2, 23033-E2 and 23034-E2, and fifth
> ROM elsewhere labelled 23018-E2 (soldered, unfortunately).

Hmm I dont see that one. Does it have an E-label? If so I could
probably find it on the Video Processor Block Diagram.

-Lawrence LeMay
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