SCSI connectivity

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Sat Mar 10 13:56:42 2001

        This isn't quite on topic but the info might help those who
need or want to connect SCSI items to older PC's. A few weeks back I
picked up a used Philips Omniwriter 26 CDRW to replace my flakey
Philips CDD2000. With it came quite an interesting looking cable
that allowed a standard SCSI peripheral to be connected to a parallel
port and the driver disks for Win 3.1, Win95, NT and 2000. Drivers
are also available for DOS and OS/2 and the cable provides for a
printer pass-thru so that a printer can remain plugged up to it as
well. It's called the 'Shuttle Connection'. It is an OEM item and
actually produced by SCM Microsystems. They do provide drivers for
it on thier website though it looks like it's one of thier older
items that may not be available any longer.

        Has anyone used one of these before? Granted the speed is
going to be limited by going through the parallel port, but it's an
easier solution than finding and installing an ISA/EISA/MCA SCSI card
for occasional use of a SCSI CD-ROM or some such item.


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