SCSI connectivity

From: ajp166 <>
Date: Sat Mar 10 16:23:10 2001

From: Chad Fernandez <>
>EISA won't go into an ISA system, either.

Yes, but most ISA-8 or and ISA-16 cards do fit EISA and VESA
bus machines as they generally provide ISA. I know that as I have a
boat load of antiques at work still running.

>I don't think any wide scsi
>ISA cards exist. Ebay, again, is the best source for an EISA scsi card.

Most wide SCSI drives work just fine with narrow. It's not as if the
machine is likely to be fast enough to really use wide SCSI

I generally use a ISA card from ADAPTEC as I have a 1542 and a 2906
(PCI) handy. That works in everything but the XT class boxen and MCA.

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