SCSI connectivity

From: Chad Fernandez <>
Date: Sat Mar 10 21:24:25 2001

ajp166 wrote:
> Yes, but most ISA-8 or and ISA-16 cards do fit EISA and VESA
> bus machines as they generally provide ISA. I know that as I have a
> boat load of antiques at work still running.

That's true, but you aren't using the full capacity of the slot. I
suppose if you already have an ISA card, and don't really want to spend
anymore it's fine. I have a setup like that. I have a VLB slot with a
ISA 1542B installed. I haven't actually gotten the computer up yet....
still have some IRQ/DMA conflicts, I think.
> Most wide SCSI drives work just fine with narrow. It's not as if the
> machine is likely to be fast enough to really use wide SCSI
> performance.

SCSI is backwards compatible as long as you keep Single Ended and
Differential separate. I would think any high end 486 class machine
would benefit from wide scsi. Remember SCSI doesn't rely on the CPU
like IDE does.
> I generally use a ISA card from ADAPTEC as I have a 1542 and a 2906
> (PCI) handy. That works in everything but the XT class boxen and MCA.

I actually have a pair of 8-bit SCSI cards, a Seagate, and an NCR. I
have used the Seagate, unfortunately it didn't see more than 2xx of the
300megs of my HD, after I repartitioned the HD on that controller. I
wish I had any drivers, or utilities that would have been included with
it originally. It would be neat to hook a cd-rom to it. I haven't
experimented with the NCR, other than seeing if Windows 9x would see
it... it didn't.

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA
Received on Sat Mar 10 2001 - 21:24:25 GMT

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