Identifying parts on a VT100 logic board

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Sat Mar 10 16:22:30 2001

On Mar 10, 14:16, Lawrence LeMay wrote:

> And the VT132 has either 23095E2, 23096E2, 29097E2, 29098E2, OR
> 23180E2, 23181E2, 23183E2, 23183E2
> Now you have all the information from Table 5-7, from page 5-68 of
> the VT100 Series Video Terminal Technical Manual ;)

Yep, those rows are in my table too. Now I know where I got it :-)

I've also got a table of ROMs for the AVO board. Is that from the same
place? Any more?

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