Identifying parts on a VT100 logic board

From: Lawrence LeMay <>
Date: Sat Mar 10 17:10:08 2001

> On Mar 10, 14:16, Lawrence LeMay wrote:
> Yep, those rows are in my table too. Now I know where I got it :-)
> I've also got a table of ROMs for the AVO board. Is that from the same
> place? Any more?

Those 2 tables appear to be all the ROM numbers listed. Of course, this
manual is an inch thick, so its full of all sorts of stuff. Timing
diagrams, etc...

Considering it IS a DEC manual, and i'm guessing DEC doesnt sell it anymore,
someone should scan it in. Preferrably someone with a sheet feeder scanner
that can handle double sided pages.

-Lawrence LeMay
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