new additions: amstrad, S/36 PC and more

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Date: Sat Mar 10 20:12:07 2001

it's been quite some time since Ive picked up anything new. I've reached
critical mass and have had to pass by on machines which I already own except
for IBM PS/2s which I salvage for adaptor cards. anyway, just this past week,
I beat out several others and responded to an email about a free kaypro 10.
Its in great shape and will get the disks for it later hopefully. also got an
amstrad PC20 with second floppy drive and the special mouse, two mac quadra
630 and just today got an IBM 5364 which is a S/36 PC complete with the
display unit and funky cables. didnt get the keyboard though. Later, I
discovered I should''ve gotten the host IBM PC 5150 that was there too since
it had a special card in it. I will try to go back and rescue that. Not much
info can be found on the 5364, but will make a good addition to my IBM PC RT

DB Young              Team OS/2
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