Apple LC550

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Sat Mar 10 20:37:12 2001

>Ouch, might as well pick up a Mac II Ci, and put a good video card
>in it. Does that model take the same expansion cards as a II Ci?
>Can you add a video card?

LC 550 is an All in One mac, it ancestor of the imac with a tube in the
chassis. It has ONE LC PDS slot, and one 72 pin simm and thats it. My guess
is that some LC PDS video card might work, but the IIci is a completely
different animal.

The IIci is a 16 mhz 68030 (with fpu so you can run NetBSD) with builtin in
video and 3 standard nubus slots. Half the speed, no builtin monitor, but
generally a more flexible machine.
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