SCSI connectivity

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Date: Sun Mar 11 08:54:25 2001


   I have a similar device made by Trantor. I've been using it with a
Bernoulli 90Mb transportable unit. I've had it for quite a few years so it
doesn't have drivers for W 95 or 98. It does have DOS drivers. I'm not sure
about W 3.1 drivers.


At 02:56 PM 3/10/01 -0500, you wrote:
> This isn't quite on topic but the info might help those who
>need or want to connect SCSI items to older PC's. A few weeks back I
>picked up a used Philips Omniwriter 26 CDRW to replace my flakey
>Philips CDD2000. With it came quite an interesting looking cable
>that allowed a standard SCSI peripheral to be connected to a parallel
>port and the driver disks for Win 3.1, Win95, NT and 2000. Drivers
>are also available for DOS and OS/2 and the cable provides for a
>printer pass-thru so that a printer can remain plugged up to it as
>well. It's called the 'Shuttle Connection'. It is an OEM item and
>actually produced by SCM Microsystems. They do provide drivers for
>it on thier website though it looks like it's one of thier older
>items that may not be available any longer.
> Has anyone used one of these before? Granted the speed is
>going to be limited by going through the parallel port, but it's an
>easier solution than finding and installing an ISA/EISA/MCA SCSI card
>for occasional use of a SCSI CD-ROM or some such item.
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