Apple LC550

From: Philip Gwyn <>
Date: Sun Mar 11 14:14:11 2001

Ainsi parla Brian Roth (

> After further inspection in the pile I found a couple of LC575's, some
> Centris box's, and a couple of power PC's 6100/60. Looks like the 575's
> have ethernet as well. How well do these machines run NetBSD?

"Of course it runs NetBSD!" Oh wait, that wasn't the question... :)

Under OpenBSD, it seems that the graphics card on the LC 575 can't be used
so you have to use a serial console. What's the use? Firewall, NAT.

A friend once pointed out how the LC case is nearly ideal for a foot rest.

"Bootstrapping" a fresh Mac OS install can be very annoying. You can't just
FTP over a package and install it, because you need Stuffit (or equiv) and
you can't install Stuffit because that requires Stuffit to turn the .sea
(self-extracting archive) into something that's actually executable. Best
advice is to either already have a running mac :) or buy a magazine that
comes with a CD-ROM, they always have Stuffit on them.

Setting up TCP/IP is relatively easy. The big gotcha is to make sure you
have "Allways load driver" checked. Otherwise, you won't be able to ping
into the computer unless some internet app is running. Also, Mac OS doesn't
have ping, nor traceroute nor other network debuging tools. OTTools is what
you want. But, how do you get it onto the Mac if you don't have a working
network? I resorted to CD-R.

You wouldn't happen to have a PPC-based mac that's looking for a home, would

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