SCSI connectivity

From: Chad Fernandez <>
Date: Sun Mar 11 15:07:28 2001

ajp166 wrote:
> >How did you get 30mb/sec out of a 20mb/sec capable hardware setup?
> Lean to the left and pray, the drive was 7200rpm baracuda running wide.
> Would have gotten the rated 40 but the system was the limit. Testing was
> under Linux and only to test hardware tuning. That system runs NT4.

> >Narrow is 5, 8, or 10, ultra narrow is 20, wide is 20, ultra wide is 40
> >and U2W is 80, and U3W (U160) is 160. What VLB card is wide? I don't
> >think Adaptec has one, do they? I would like to get a VLB wide scsi
> >card for the computer mentioned above.
> Knock yourself out and good luck.

Thats sound painful! :-)

> >What do you use for drive benchmark testing? I use Snooper, but I never
> Norton, Snooper, DRivX and a few others.

What is DRivX? Is that a Linux program or is it Windows or DOS?
> Still isn't going to be fast. ISA poops out at 8-10mhz.

Well yes, I know it won't be fast, but this is for an XT class system
> >I am not trying to be rude, or make enemies, but why are you on a
> >classic computer list?
> Your rude. ;)

Sorry :-)

> I am an original Altair owner and have a list of classics including
> things like
> PDP-8F, PDP-11, Northstar, KIM-1, ELF, TI99/4 and a raft of CP/M systems
> based on S100. I can even say that most systems are operational with a
> bunch of the oldies still cranking real work.

Cool, I get board with a perfectly working computer with nothing for it
to do.

> I've always pushed the hardware for just a bit more. PCs however tend to
> raise my contempt as not all are quality hardware. I have PCs too but
> few
> are "classic" to me despite their age. I consider the PS/2 50Z and my
> Leading Edge model D to be good examples of PC hardware. This is
> not to say I'm not skilled at getting all of the performance a PC can
> deliver.

I get frustrated with PCs as well. I hate it when stuff won't fit
together, correctly, for instance. Unfortunetly, PCs are about all I
have, until I pick up my PDP11/53 Monday or Tuesday :-)

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA
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