SCSI connectivity

From: ajp166 <>
Date: Sun Mar 11 11:44:29 2001

From: Chad Fernandez <>
>> >SCSI is backwards compatible as long as you keep Single Ended and
>> >Differential separate.
>> Thanks for the info... I only work with them for a lving. ;)
>You work with Differential (not LVD) every day? What do you do?

Work with LVD too. MIS/magician/systems engineer for small company
40+ clients 5 servers. Not to mention various standalone dedicated

>How did you get 30mb/sec out of a 20mb/sec capable hardware setup?

Lean to the left and pray, the drive was 7200rpm baracuda running wide.
Would have gotten the rated 40 but the system was the limit. Testing was
under Linux and only to test hardware tuning. That system runs NT4.

>Narrow is 5, 8, or 10, ultra narrow is 20, wide is 20, ultra wide is 40
>and U2W is 80, and U3W (U160) is 160. What VLB card is wide? I don't
>think Adaptec has one, do they? I would like to get a VLB wide scsi
>card for the computer mentioned above.

Knock yourself out and good luck.

>What do you use for drive benchmark testing? I use Snooper, but I never

Norton, Snooper, DRivX and a few others.

Generally if I needs speed IDE does it well enough. SCSI is nice as I
hang a Raid disk farm on it.

>I need to rephrase that, the cards are 8-bit ISA, not 8-bit SCSI.

Still isn't going to be fast. ISA poops out at 8-10mhz.

>I am not trying to be rude, or make enemies, but why are you on a
>classic computer list?

Your rude. ;)

I am an original Altair owner and have a list of classics including
things like
PDP-8F, PDP-11, Northstar, KIM-1, ELF, TI99/4 and a raft of CP/M systems
based on S100. I can even say that most systems are operational with a
bunch of the oldies still cranking real work.

I've always pushed the hardware for just a bit more. PCs however tend to
raise my contempt as not all are quality hardware. I have PCs too but
are "classic" to me despite their age. I consider the PS/2 50Z and my
Leading Edge model D to be good examples of PC hardware. This is
not to say I'm not skilled at getting all of the performance a PC can

>Sure I want my old computers to run, but I want it to be a fast as I can
>it, while maintaining reliably.

;) and thats something new?

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