Apple LC550

From: Brian Roth <>
Date: Sun Mar 11 15:24:31 2001


    Already have a LRP equipped pentium for a MASQ router/firewall. Thanks for
the link anyway as I may just install it to add another animal to my *NIX
network. Besides, lotsa cloudy weekends still left here in WNY. They say summer
is going to fall on a Tuesday this year ;>

    I only have one 6100. I have some Quadra 660's and Centris 610's in the
pile. I can get ahold of more 6100's from the guy next week if he hasn't
already sold them. Any DEC stuff to trade for one?


Philip Gwyn wrote:

> Ainsi parla Brian Roth (
> > After further inspection in the pile I found a couple of LC575's, some
> > Centris box's, and a couple of power PC's 6100/60. Looks like the 575's
> > have ethernet as well. How well do these machines run NetBSD?
> "Of course it runs NetBSD!" Oh wait, that wasn't the question... :)
> Under OpenBSD, it seems that the graphics card on the LC 575 can't be used
> so you have to use a serial console. What's the use? Firewall, NAT.
> A friend once pointed out how the LC case is nearly ideal for a foot rest.
> :)
> "Bootstrapping" a fresh Mac OS install can be very annoying. You can't just
> FTP over a package and install it, because you need Stuffit (or equiv) and
> you can't install Stuffit because that requires Stuffit to turn the .sea
> (self-extracting archive) into something that's actually executable. Best
> advice is to either already have a running mac :) or buy a magazine that
> comes with a CD-ROM, they always have Stuffit on them.
> Setting up TCP/IP is relatively easy. The big gotcha is to make sure you
> have "Allways load driver" checked. Otherwise, you won't be able to ping
> into the computer unless some internet app is running. Also, Mac OS doesn't
> have ping, nor traceroute nor other network debuging tools. OTTools is what
> you want. But, how do you get it onto the Mac if you don't have a working
> network? I resorted to CD-R.
> You wouldn't happen to have a PPC-based mac that's looking for a home, would
> you?
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