AAUI Transceivers (was Re: Apple LC550)

From: Ethan Dicks <ethan_dicks_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Mon Mar 12 00:27:33 2001

--- Brian Roth <broth_at_heathers.stdio.com> wrote:
> Ohillip,
> I only have one 6100. I have some Quadra 660's and Centris 610's in the
> pile. I can get ahold of more 6100's from the guy next week if he hasn't
> already sold them. Any DEC stuff to trade for one?

Just got a WQuadra 660AV myself this weekend. I'm in the market for a couple
of AAUI transceivers - one for this box and one for my PowerMac 6100 that also
happens to need one of those high-density video plug adapters for the AV
monitor (I'm looking to find one *without* resorting to eOverPay)

So... anyone here have a couple of AAUI<->10BaseT transceivers they'll let
go cheap? I found some places that have them for about $10, shipped,
especially if you want 10Base2 instead.


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