SCSI connectivity

From: Carlos Murillo <>
Date: Sun Mar 11 20:46:39 2001

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>> Yes, I liked the 1522A that I had. Never had any problems
>> out of it once I upgraded the ROM so that I could use the whole 2gig
>> of the IBM 0662 hard disk I was trying to plug up to it. I didn't
>> care much for thier prep/format software under Windows though.
>2 gig's??? The two '0662's I have right here are both 1 GB. Are there
>models? I've used 'em together with larger drives but they've always
claimed to
>be 1 GB drives, which is what they claimed when they were new. They are
>the best 3-1/2" SCSI drives I've used, in that there's never a problem and
>always behave just as expected

I like these drives too; they are one of the few scsi drives in which
I know how to set the jumpers so the drive doesn't initiate sync
negotiation; this is important for many computers from the '90 vintage,
as their ROMS did not like the drives initiating the negotiation.

>If you think an Adaptec ROM update will help with that, i.e. making them 2
>think you'll be disappointed.
>> >In general, I'd say that if you can find an alternative to ADAPTEC, at
>> >with their PCI products, I'd use the alternative.

I haven't had a lot of experience with other PCI products. I have
a CMD 6520 which works ok, although Linux did not seem to like it.
Nice utilities in the BIOS, such as sector-wise duplication. It also
has a 72 pin SIMM slot for a disk cache as large as 32MB, I think.
I have a RAID controller by IBM in a big Linux box at work.
_Very_ nice. However, the drivers for RedHat 7.0 have not surfaced
yet, so we're running a heavily patched 6.2 .

I have used many adaptec controllers, 1522, 2740, 2842, 3940UWDPI
(dual channel; nice), 2940, 2940U, 2940U2. Never had a real problem
with any of them. Upgrading the BIOS is usually a good idea, though.

Carlos E. Murillo-Sanchez
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