Apple LC550

From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Mon Mar 12 03:23:11 2001

Philip Gwyn skrev:

>Ainsi parla Mike Ford (

>> 33 mhz 030 unfortuantely no fpu came stock and you can play heck finding
>> one (68882). Memory is I think 4 mb on the board and a single 72 pin simm
>> socket.
>Don't the LCs have LC versions of the CPUs (68LC030 in this case) and react
>favourably to upgrading to a "real" CPU?

Is there such a thing as an LC030? I'm familiar with the EC030, but since LC
should signify lack of FPU, and there is no FPU inegrated into any '030, what
would it signify?

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