Apple LC550

From: Stan Barr <>
Date: Mon Mar 12 04:08:59 2001

Philip Gwyn <> said:

> As
> long as I have a real computer (read Linux) nearby to do work on, playing
> with the Mac was nowhere near as painful as I thought it would be.

My 630 is networked to the Linux box and I can telnet in from it and even
run MI/X (a Mac X-Window server).

> BTW, I haven't found out how to use the AV inputs on the Centris yet. Where
> would I find a small app that would read the video/audio in and display it
> on the screen, at least. This would make (albeit silly, noisy, large)
> monitor for my C64, TI-99 and various Ataris and Odesseys.

I think what you need is "Apple Video Player". AFAIK it came on the system
CD - it did with my Performa 630 - though you should be able to find it
on Apples site. I'm using it now with an old video camera to watch the
wild birds on the bird feeder in the garden!
Stan Barr
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