SCSI connectivity

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Mon Mar 12 10:32:00 2001

The failure mode, for almost all 2940 cases was that, while the setup ROM
program worked, the adapter was never able to see devices on the SCSI bus.
Simply substituting another controller made the devices magically appear and
function properly. I'm not the only one who's seen this failure mode. What
bothers me is that, while the Adaptec support tech's recognize the problem, they
don't follow through with their "service" and replace the part as the warranty

The 3940AU that recently died simply wasn't recognized by its own firmware,
though it got far enough in the plug-n-pray sequence to foul things up.


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> >Well, you've had better luck that I've had with ADAPTEC PCI products. I just
> >recently threw out a box of 18 or so 2940AU's none having been used for more
> >than three months and all dead.
> With that kind of failure rate, one has to wonder if there's some kind
> of underlying problem other than the Adaptec boards.
> Jeff
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