From: r. 'bear' stricklin <red_at_bears.org>
Date: Mon Mar 12 17:46:36 2001

On Mon, 12 Mar 2001 healyzh_at_aracnet.com wrote:

> > AAUI is a kind of compact version of AUI which Apple popularized, if not
> > invented. A few older Sun SBUS cards use a similar if not identical
> > interface (the FSBE card, for example). I've never owned an FSBE to try it
> > out.
> I've got both, and IIRC, they're definitly different. The Sun cables if you
> find one are definitly worth picking up, BTW. I had a *hard* time finding
> one for my SparcBook.

the connector I'm thinking of is physically the same as the AAUI connector
and not at all like the 'AUI' connector on, say, an SS20, which is
something like a 26-pin version of the compact 50-pin interface used for
the SCSI interface on the same machine.

Dunno if we're talking about the same thing or not. I've never seen the
back of a SPARCbook, but I know this same 26-pin thing is used on the
SPARCserver 1000, the SPARCclassic, and the SPARCstations 5, 20, and
LX (though not always for ethernet). I've only seen the AAUI-looking job
on SBUS ethernet cards.

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