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From: R. D. Davis <>
Date: Tue Mar 13 00:42:06 2001

On Mon, 12 Mar 2001, Mike Ford wrote:
> This is the only computer list I can think of where arguing about a
> carburator problem posted by a virus is perfectly normal. We are special.

To get this back on topic, while looking at Holly's web site for cam
specifications, although I didn't see a cam that I wanted---decided to
put the same type of Crower cam back in (but I do like my Holley 750
carburator with the new type of power valve that doesn't get destroyed
by a backfire! ...although the old 750 double-pumper that I had years
ago seemed to give me more low-end power, and a 351C with 4V heads
(can you say "huge ports"?) does needs a little help in that area.
Found a new pair of Hooker headers there too!), I did notice something
on their web site that was related to this list: engine control
computers. Aren't there some engine control computers by now that are
about 10 years old? Is anyone collecting the cars that have them in
them and preserving them? :-)

The disturbing thing though, was that Holley only mentions software
being available for Microsoft Windoze which is used to modify their
engine control systems. E.g., hook a laptop computer running Windoze
to the computer in the car, via a serial port, and make adjustments
via Holley's software on the Windoze PeeCee. Bletch! I wonder how
many engines will detonate to death as a result of the timing being
set to advance too much or how many people will end up stranded
somewhere, etc. due to strance things that Windoze causes to happen
to the software download?

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