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Date: Tue Mar 13 12:53:44 2001

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> Hi all!
> Just curious, but are are the prices of these Sun NVRAM timer chips
> these days?

Didn't notice they went up. I just bought some last year. Can't help
you with a French connection, but I get mine from Mouser (www.mouser.com).

I have, in an emergency, removed the old battery and added my own. All you
have to is cut through the epoxy on the ends where the battery leads go down
to the chip, not through the top or sides. I should take a picture and post
the URL to the list, but I soldered a 9V battery clip to the exposed ends of
the battery leads (which I severed from the top), superglued the wire to
the case as a strain relief, then soldered a motherboard Lithium cell to the
top of a former 9V battery and put it in a baggie to prevent it from shorting
out on the motherboard or RFI shield in the case. Worked great, but for all
the hassle, I'd rather pay a few bucks for a new NVRAM assembly.

> Are the Dallas chips identical to the ST ones as concerns a Sun?

I have no idea. There are some equivalents in the NVRAM FAQ.


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