From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Tue Mar 13 18:21:13 2001

> > stuff, I'm going to write some interfacing stuff between the C128 and the
> > CC40 this evening so the C128 can be its "network file server".
> Sounds like a terrific exhibit for VCF 5.0! :)

*If* I can get the weekend off. I'm on surgical service all August and
September. It would be just my luck that we'd be forced to attend on some
horrific cardiothoracic procedure or some such on the Friday I'd need to drive
up north.

Actually, I was thinking of maybe doing a "notable portables" exhibit.
I've got two 95LXes, the 8201A, the CC40, the PC-4, the DG One (although
that's not really too interesting), and of course that monstrous SX-64.
And who said the TS-1000 couldn't count as a portable either? ;-)

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