Manuals on eBay?

From: Jerome Fine <>
Date: Wed Mar 14 07:28:43 2001

>Jeffrey S. Sharp wrote:

> Before I bid on some of these PDP-11 manuals on eBay, I thought it would
> be prudent to inquire about them here. These ones that have initial
> bids of $15, $19, or more -- is that a good price, or would I be getting
> ripped off?
> Jeffrey S. Sharp

Jerome Fine replies:

Since I am writing this from personal experience, I suggest that most, probably
all of the PDP-11 manuals are over-priced. Since I have a copy of the
majority of these manuals, I can say that I have looked at only a few over
the last few decades. About the only manual really worth having is a
computer and memories manual which usually provides an excellent description
of the PDP-11 instruction set. Another manual that is helpful is one which
provides a description of the wire wraps needed for any boards that you
do have such as a DLV11-J.

Otherwise, although they are of interest, I have not found them to even be
worth the cost of shipping.

Which operating system do you use on the PDP-11? That manual set is
worth while if you want to know the operating system in detail.

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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