VCF 5.0 date?

From: Bill Gunshannon <>
Date: Thu Mar 15 10:39:31 2001

On Wed, 14 Mar 2001, Sellam Ismail wrote:

> On Wed, 14 Mar 2001, Tom Uban wrote:
> > I assume this is the California VCF. How is the East coast VCF shaping up?
> Yes. The main VCF event is September 15/16 at the San Jose Convention
> Center.
> I'm still searching for a suitable venue for VCF East 1.0. I was all set
> to do it at the Rhodes Island Convention Center but their fees are too
> high.

It's probably too late to actually get something going this year, but
has nay consideration been given to holding it at a college rather than
a Convention Center?? Scranton, PA is pretty well located at the
junctions of I81 (north/south), I84 (east to NE), I380 (southeast towards
Nj and NYC), I80 (east/west) and the Northeast Extension of he PA Turnpike
(which has an I number, but I don't know it but it heads straight to

We even have our own airport. :-)

Lot's of hotels/motels. And I would imagine the facilities here are
a lot cheaper than most Convention Centers.

What I don't know is what facilities are needed and how many people
you expect to need support for.

Anybody want to talk aboit it??


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