Apple Network Server PCI RAID card

From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Thu Mar 15 12:52:22 2001

> I'm a bit curious about this item, and since the page counter is already
> pushing 150 (bid still $17, those last 10 minutes I bet will be exciting).
> Apple Network Server PCI RAID card.
> Squeezing info out of apple is such a pain, anybody know about this card,
> what it does etc.?

I guess since I'm the de facto Network Server guru ... :-)

The RAID card only works with the Apple-branded AIX for the ANS, making it
effectively worthless for other PCI PowerMacs and the vast majority of other
Network Servers which now probably run LinuxPPC. It's a hardware RAID
device and supposedly it's blindingly fast. I just don't have enough SCSI
interconnect boards or drives in mine to make it worthwhile at the moment.

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