And someone has one... Re: Virus Alert !!!

From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Sat Mar 24 07:31:06 2001

R. D. Davis skrev:

>On 8 Mar 2001, Iggy Drougge wrote:
>> R. D. Davis skrev:
>> I use *NIX and I hate it. I find this whole Linux on a desktop business

>Alas, you need help. Not to worry; start up Emacs and type:

> M-x doctor
> (ESC-x doctor)

>;-) :-) :-)

First UNIX, then Emacs. Add X and there won't be a single byte left in the

>> laughable. Why would one want a UNIX system anywhere but locked up in a
>> cupboard or on a researcher's workstation?

>So that one can have a useful computer system.

But not usable.

>> I'd never drive a lorry to work, nor do I like the M$ Volvo. The
>> Vespa is much nicer for a single person.

>Why not drive a lorry to work? Wouldn't you like to drive a big,
>shiny, new Ford F550 pickup truck to work? I recon that you're afraid
>that your cow-orkers would turn green with envy... let 'em. :-)

I really wouldn't, it sucks to much fuel.

>What's a Vespa? I've never heard of one, but I wouldn't want to drive
>something with a name like that.

It's a scooter, silly.

>> >Blame the U.S. government for fuel economy regulations that killed off
>> >nice cars, not the U.S. auto manufacturers.
>> Why is that? Isn't petrol cheap enough in the states?

>Cheap? Over US$1.50 a gallon is not cheap; it was over US$1.70
>several months ago... it would be reasonably priced, however, if our
>dear lame-brained, tax-hungry, common-sense-deprived, politicians
>weren't taxing it so heavily. At 12 to 13 miles per gallon on the
>highway, such prices have a way of adding up. Perhaps we should just
>find a way to bottle the hot-air from politicians' mouths and then
>find a way to use it to propel vehicles; then, there would be no real,
>or perceived, energy shortage.

Gallon? Miles?

En ligne avec Thor 2.6a.
I installed 7.6.1 on my Color Classic too.  It has 6mb ram now, and no FPU
yet. Things really slowed down when I installed the Appearance extention and
control panel. But now the GUI is OS8ish! ;) That little creep is so cute,
I'll probably leave instructions to have it made my urn. It'll hold my ashes,
and still continue to function as a computer ;)
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