found the front half of an Asante ethernet card

From: r. 'bear' stricklin <>
Date: Thu Mar 15 18:55:55 2001

I found---completely at random, in a bin of completely unrelated cruft---
the media interface half of an Asante MacCON/30ie (the ethernet card for
the Mac IIsi or SE/30 at a recycler's yesterday.

I picked it up for $10 because I thought I remembered somebody on the list
was looking for specifically this half, but I can't remember who.

It has both UTP and AUI interfaces, and all you need is the PDS half and
the cable to connect the two. It's a standard IDC ribbon cable. I haven't
counted the pins yet, but it looks as if it could be the same width as a
ST506 data cable.

If you're out there and you still want it (I should've haggled), contact
me off list.

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