VAXstation 3200

From: Chuck McManis <>
Date: Sun Mar 18 22:32:10 2001

>I don't want to say that anybody is wrong, especially since my Vax
>knowledge is very small, but I thought the Vax Stations were the later
>desktop type machines?

Nope, DEC termed the name 'VAXStation' to indicate a "single user" VAX. Any
VAX with a framebuffer, mouse, and keyboard, is considered a VAXStation.
One of the more interesting things you can experience is to take the GPX
cards *out* of a VAX and suddenly have the license no longer work because
its now a server :-)

The original VAXStation/GPX was in a BA123 "coffee table" cabinet and uses
a KA630 MicroVAX II cpu. The VAXStation 2000 was the first table top one.
For the latter, since you cannot remove the frame buffer, moving a jumper
does what you need.

(check out the "House of VAX" at
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