Sun VME bus boards (was: This is CLASSIC COMPUTERS)

From: R. D. Davis <>
Date: Sun Mar 18 22:45:19 2001

On Sun, 18 Mar 2001, r. 'bear' stricklin wrote:
> Would you guys mind it at all if we could please stick to discussions
> about classic computers?

> This isn't the Classic Cars list. This isn't the Classic Carbeurators
> list. This isn't Fuel Efficiency Monthly.

Sorry... I've been hacking some database stuff and Perl all weekend
and I guess it obfuscated my mind a little.

Speaking of classic computers, is anyone here interested in purchasing
some Sun VME-bus boards? I've got a bunch of them that I'm trying to
sell for someone, and I'd like to free up some of the space that
they're taking up... lots of CG3 boards, various CPUs, etc. While I'd
like to just give these away, I agreed to pay $x dollars apiece for
each one sold or transferred to someone else, so I'd like to at least
cut my loss (as I'll be taking a loss). The agreement that I made also
means that I need to find good homes for them, so I'll only sell them
to those who are truly intereted in using them.

There are about 100 or so boards in all; no idea what does or doesn't
work; I'd like to keep a few of the boards for my own use in one or
two 3/150 systems, but I'll gladly consider offers for the rest
sometime in the next few months.

But wait, that's not all, I'll provide a chance for a FREE *BONUS* to
all who purchase these; that's right, I'm giving away something for
absolutely nothing! Free arachnids! Disclaimer: Quantity of
arachnids per board may vary; some boards may contain no arachnids;
purchasers responsible for all consequences. ;-)

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