The DOS 10 Commandments (fwd)

From: Mark Tapley <>
Date: Mon Mar 19 10:09:49 2001

(lost attribution: sorry!)
>> MOST of the non-IBM MS DOS machines could take up to 768k of RAM. The
>> Sanyo 550 and Zenith Z-100s both did. AFIK there's no limitations on using

Tony said:

>The DEC Rainbow could (officially) take 896K of RAM (128K on the
>motherboard and a memory expanison card with 3 banks of 256K chips). The
>oriiginal Apricot could be pushed to 960K -- actually, there was 1Mbytes
>worth of chips on the board but the last 64K was taken up with the
>boot/BIOS ROM and the video memory.

A minor nit: my Rainbow 100A model has only 64K motherboard and 768k on the
memory card (atop the 8087/8088 daughterboard), for a total of 832K. I
think that's maxed out for an A model. What Tony says is correct for B or +
Rainbows, AFAIK. Anyway that's yet one more number on the "max. mem" plot
for 808(8,6) machines.
                                                        - Mark
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