PS/2 P70

From: Jason McBrien <>
Date: Mon Mar 19 10:13:44 2001

Anyone know if there is a NFS that runs under OS/2 <=3? I've got a wide
variety of boxes running on my network (I'm getting to be an expert at
heterogeneous networking :) and my OS/2 box (IBM Server 85) is quickly
depleting it's 450MB hard drive. Right now most of my boxes get their
post-boot disk space from my linux box which services appletalk, samba, and
NFS connections. It would be great to leverage it into my OS/2 box as well..

FYI: My Home Network-
IBM PC Server 85 Running OS/2 Warp 3
Intel-brand Pentium 100 Running OS/2 Warp 4
Gateway 486/66 Running MS-DOS 6.22+Windoze 3.11
Self-built dual celeron box running Redhat Linux 6.1 with heavy
modifications (acts as netboot/everything server)
Sun SPARCStation 10 running Debian Gnu-Linux 2.1
Apple Mac SE/30 Running System 7.1
Apple IIci Running NetBSD
Cisco AGS+ Router (Not actually routing anything, but IOS is fun to play

Coming soon: NeXT Cube running NeXTStep 3.3
DEC 3000/400S running OSF/1
Apple Workgroup Server 95 running A/UX
MicroVAX 3100 running something (OpenVMS? NetBSD?)
IBM PC Server 95 running something (OS/2 probably)
Something running BeOS just for the hell of it.

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Subject: Re: PS/2 P70
> I'd just as soon not have to install Windows
> and use Win/OS2 sessions to run stuff. The 120meg disk space is
> disappearing fast enough as it is!
> I finally got the SCSI and Etherlink card installed in the
> P70 today, as well as some of the Bonus Pack. The only mouse I had
> that would work on it was a Logitec Cordless Mouseman Pro.
> Jeff
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