From: Wayne M. Smith <wmsmith_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Mon Mar 19 13:08:07 2001

> Does anyone have info on an hp85a, I found one in
excellent condition
> and works, but I lack paperwork and basic info.
> Thanks
> Bill
> elecdata1


Here are a couple of useful links:


This is Agilent's page giving some history and
configurations of the series 80 machines, including the
HP 85.


This is Eric Bal's somewhat incomplete page that
includes quite a bit of HP 85 info as well.

You can hook up the HP-85a to certain HP floppy disk
drives if you have the mass storage rom, the HP-IB
interface and I think you need the I/O rom as well.
One drive unit that will work, the HP 82901M, is
currently up for auction on eBay at:


Current price only $10.49 but will probably end up in
the $30-40 range.

The tapes you need are DC100A's. HP sold them as
either HP 98200's or HP 200 Series 9800. 3M and Scotch
were also supliers. I have about 20 of these tapes,
which probably date back at least 10-12 years (I don't
think they are made any longer) and most have oxide
layer loss problems. Therefore, I recommend the disk
drive if you want to store programs with the view
toward someday retrieving them.

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