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From: Chris Kennedy <>
Date: Mon Mar 19 15:24:15 2001

Joe wrote:

[Bosch FI stuff, deleted]

> Cool! It IS a computer. The injectors were pulse width modulated.
> Somewhere I have the manual for that thing. My mother had a '70 VW type
> with that system and it ran great.

I suppose it is -- although the one being described (L-Jetronic) is an
one comprised basically of a variable duty cycle oscillator. In many ways
like an electronic version of K-Jetronic; all the injectors fire at once
no synchronization with the cam and duty cycle controlled by a set of
resistors (one on the airflow sensor [which was _not_ a MAF]), one for
temp and (only on some) one for ambient temp)

Motronic, which is a programmable digital engine management system, is more
than ten years old as well, although it's just now starting to manifest some
of the features that were designed into the original architecture back in
Chris Kennedy
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