PS/2 P70 SCS problem

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Mon Mar 19 18:31:00 2001

        I have a question concerning the IBM OEM version of the FD
MCS-700 SCSI-2 card. As most of you have already heard, I've
recently gotten my P70 running again under OS/2 Warp Ver. 3 and
regardless of the slot it's placed in or the configuration, the
MCS-700 seems to be conflicting with the onboard ESDI controller in
protected mode. POST is reporting the following numeric error on

        1047000 221

        If the SCSI board is left in, OS/2 will run for a while and
then start locking up, which makes sense if the conflict is in
Protected mode. DOS will run without errors. The ADF was copied and
loaded to the Reference disk without a problem. The Reference
diskette diagnostics configuration report shows the wrong
configuration with the board install and I've not attempted to go any
further with the SCSI board installed. With it removed the
diagnostics goes all the way through without errors, showing the
correct configuration. The only nonstandard thing in the P70 is the
Evergreen 'Rev To 486' upgrade using the 486SXL2 processor. It's
benching out at over 12,800 dhrystones. The P70 also has the
following installed:

        - 120meg DBA hard disk
        - 8meg planar RAM
        - Etherlink III MCA
        - 387-20 math coprocessor
        - floppy disk replaced with that from an 8555 (Mitsubishi
drive, p/n 72x6068)
        - OS/2 Warp Ver. 3 with the Evergreen cache enabling software
        - MS-DOS 6.22 (in daul boot)
        - MS Windows 3.1 (in Win-OS/2 mode)
        - Logitech Cordless Mouseman Pro

        The ROM version on the MCS-700 is 1.01. I've tried it in
both slots as well as tried changing the IRQ and such in the
Reference disk setup. All of this had no effect on the error. Any
suggestions anyone might be able to make would be greatly appreciated.

        Thanks and take care.
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