Found one oddball 13w3 cable and it's for trade.

From: <(>
Date: Mon Mar 19 13:22:37 2001

While out there, I stopped by a local (microage) closing up
their shop and moving out of town line and setup business strictly
for commerical service. Dug up few interesting cables.

One of them I'm trading is adapter video
cable male 13w3 to male vga 15pin, 6ft, letter code cable is AJ.
since I don't have machine for that. Instead, trade that for other
items, specifically macintosh parts.

Remember, I've to send that cable first so you can test it first and
see if this works.

Info: IBM P/N 96G2156 for RS/6000, this is how I found this info on

If you need that kind of 13w3 connector, feel free to cut cable in
two and graft different connectors to drive monitor end.


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