Found one oddball 13w3 cable and it's for trade.

From: <(>
Date: Mon Mar 19 18:53:33 2001

> One of them I'm trading is adapter video
> cable male 13w3 to male vga 15pin, 6ft, letter code cable is AJ.
> since I don't have machine for that. Instead, trade that for other
> items, specifically macintosh parts.
> Remember, I've to send that cable first so you can test it first and
> see if this works.
> Info: IBM P/N 96G2156 for RS/6000, this is how I found this info on
> 'net.

If this is the cable I think it is, it lets you hook up something like an
older IBM P200 monitor to a PC. Sorry, I just got everything hooked back
up, so I don't feel like verifying I'm right :^)

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