Speaking of 3380's

From: Dan Cohoe <dancohoe_at_oxford.net>
Date: Tue Mar 20 06:53:54 2001

I'm not sure whether there's any value to you in this or not, but I saw a large
set of big blue boxes at a wreckers last week. I didn't make a full inventory,
but there were several boxes marked 3390. The whole thing system appeared to be
there, in excellent cosmetic shape. Probably 10 or 12 cabinets approximately
five feet high and 3' x 3' wide and deep each.

I also saw some VAX 6000-650 items, DEC H9644, TU81, a Data General stuff and
some other DEC peripherals. These are all in Syracuse NY.

regards, Dan C

Will Jennings wrote:

> Since everyone is talking about them, I'm going to ask that if anyone has
> manuals for them, or 3880 controllers, or a 4381 model group 21, that I
> could really really use them... And if anyone finds a 3380, 3880, or 4381 in
> a scrapyard or something, I need a full set of panels for each machine, i.e.
> 3 sets of panels total, I cannot run the system without the panels in place.
> I also need other miscellanous parts, such as hinges, etc.
> TIA,
> Will J
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